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The In Cloud

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The In Cloud

The In Cloud is Style.com's new custom ranking of the most influential people in the fashion industry—from the designers who create each season's must-haves to the professionals whose expertise in hair, makeup, styling, and music bring those pieces to life, from the models who set the runways on fire to the fanatics who take it all in from the front row. In fashion, no one works in a vacuum. With the In Cloud, you can see who's on top in any one category, or discover how they stack up against one another. They're all connected; they're all in the cloud.

How do we compile the rankings? The In Cloud constantly pulls in and analyzes data from both Social channels (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and News channels (including relevant blogs, magazine Web sites, and RSS feeds) to rank in real time. In measuring Social data, a number of factors are considered—such as the number of followers and how actively those followers respond to content—in order to assess the total level of engagement. News data is measured in organic mentions online and in industry-specific media. A dedicated metric for each category—based on proprietary data from Style.com, including page views and mentions on the site—provides the Style.com Factor.

The Social, News, and Style.com Factor scores are weighted based on a unique algorithm that considers the reach and relevance of each individual in the fashion space. Because an individual's score is based on an engagement rate, not an absolute number, everyone on the list can be equally compared, regardless of category.

The List View shows the percent change of engagement over time. Users can select dates to compare by using the date scrubber at the top of The List View. The Detail View of each influencer surfaces their latest score and graphs their score trend over time, as well as pulls in the latest social and news content about each one. The Detail View can also be filtered by date.

The In Cloud measures trending in real time, at the macro level, without favoritism or pique. So happy ranking, and may the buzziest win. And for the top fashion professionals selected by Style.com's own editors—regardless of retweets, media mentions, or page views—look out for the next issue of Style.com/Print, arriving this November.